Salon Med'Agri 2022Salon Med'Agri 2022, on y sera !
CES 2023 bannerBRAD Technology sélectionné pour représenter l'écosystème startup AgTech français au CES 2023 !

BRAD Technology is selected to represent the French AgTech startup ecosystem at CES 2023!

Avignon, December 1, 2022 – Brad Technology, an AgTech startup created in the South of France in 2019, has been selected by the French South Region to exhibit during the new edition of Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2023.

Brad Technology is the creator of Brad, a complete solution to collect and analyze soil and air data in agriculture. Composed of a connected probe with multiple sensors and a mobile app, Brad is designed to help farmers manage their transition towards soil and food sustainability through data and collaboration.

CES 2023 banner
CES 2023 banner

Why did Brad start to develop its solution for agriculture?

As many people are, we are very concerned about what we will eat tomorrow.

Our soils are damaged, threatened by erosion, and sometimes really depleted.

Climate change is accelerating with extreme events resulting in yield drops. To avoid that, some farmers are already trying to reduce their use of inputs and water in order to protect and restore their soil wit a sustainable approach.

Food security matters to everybody

With a “business as usual” mindset, we won’t be able to feed the ever-expanding population. We must restore and preserve soil life and health so that we can secure food in quantity and quality to feed the world.

Farmers who feed us must be able to experiment and implement renewed practices at scale, both sustainable and productive. For this, they need data: live data and accurate data to measure and solve this challenge.

What Brad brings along?

There comes Brad, an all-inclusive accessible solution dedicated to farmers in these tough times.

Brad collects soil and air data thanks to probes planted directly in the agricultural plot. Brad transforms data into actionable knowledge and risk predictions, and promotes collaboration and sustainable practices like regenerative agriculture. It allows farmers to secure and share their practices.

Why do we attend CES 2023?

We are keen to be able to exhibit at CES to show the world what open technology can bring to global challenges. Coming from open source and open innovation, we are convinced that this great innovation tradeshow is the right place to exhibit at our stage of development. We want to meet key partners to accelerate our growth and distribution throughout the world so that we keep up at the same fast pace as climate change. We want to make Brad the solution of choice for farmers around the world and reboot agriculture toward sustainability. Most of all, we want to take care of healthy living soil and ultimately securing food production.

As our solution is designed as a hub, we are also looking for technical partners who manufacture sensors that we could integrate to provide farmers with even more data. We also look for companies that produce data for agriculture that we could add to our own set of data to provide our customers with even more analytics.

We are also looking for other customers such as agricultural cooperatives, and food and beverage companies which are likely to search for innovative solutions to help their ecosystem of farmers.

Brad wants to collaborate with food companies to help them play their part toward sustainability. This starts with contributing to farmers transition and eventually, to show consumers how food industry is taking an active part to this change with food transparency.

Press contact:

Christophe Chervy
Mobile: +33 (0)6 79 52 10 41

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Les articles signés par La Rédaction sont rédigés par une partie de l'équipe de Brad Technology : Olivier, spécialiste technique, Elisa, agronome, et Christophe, rédacteur.
Salon Med'Agri 2022Salon Med'Agri 2022, on y sera !
CES 2023 bannerBRAD Technology sélectionné pour représenter l'écosystème startup AgTech français au CES 2023 !

Qui sommes-nous ?

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Brad Technology est une startup AgTech qui s’est donnée pour mission d’être la voix de la santé du sol. Brad apporte aux agriculteurs une meilleure connaissance des sols de leurs parcelles en temps réel, grâce aux données récoltées et aux prévisions. Cela leur permet de produire mieux dans un contexte incertain et changeant.

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