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AgriTech is one of the answers to climate change, consumer demands and legal obligations that require agriculture to fundamentally rethink its model.

Brad Technology’s mission is to be the voice of soil health by providing farmers with better real-time knowledge of agricultural soils through data and forecasting. To this end, the AgriTech Brad solution helps to better produce in an uncertain and changing agricultural context, by combining different digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

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Looking for an effective AgriTech solution?

Brad is a precision agriculture solution that allows you to optimize your field operations thanks to the analysis and prediction of the collected data.

Need help with your agroecological transition?

We stand by your side to transition your farm to agroecology. Brad specifically advocates for new practices that have been tested and validated by farmers and agronomists.

Brad is a complete analysis and decision support solution

which allows you to:

  • Analyze the soils of your plots

  • Collecting reliable data

  • Receive a clear forecast

  • Making decisions

  • Share data and best practices with your community

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The agriculture we defend

Without bias or absolute certainty, the Brad team listens to and consults with farmers, agronomists and other agricultural professionals to better understand the necessary changes and evolving models.

We are convinced that a farmer can manage his farm in several ways in order to guarantee an acceptable working time and a higher income, while respecting the ecology.

We believe that precision agriculture (connected agricultural objects and A.I.), and all that technology can bring, will benefit the greatest number.

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